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Anubha Prakash

(Owner & Principal Designer)

Beautiful homes have always fascinated me. I have fond memories from my childhood of standing next to my dad and granddad overseeing houses getting built. On family vacations I would take a mental photo of the most beautiful home in that city hoping to return to see it again one day. So, here I am building houses where people can build happy memories and can look forward to coming back to them after work.


A house should be everything fabulous - exciting, calming, personal and inviting. When I design, my love for international travel and different cultures is reflected in my aesthetic. I believe I am a great listener and live for that smile of joy on my client’s faces. True to my genes, I have a knack for working on the dime and creating practical, harmonious designs. In my free time, I love reading and hiking with my husband and kids. 


My other interests: Theater, music and international literature

My design aesthetic: I swing two extremes: minimalist and bohemian

My business partner’s best quality: Ritika is unbelievably gifted in her ability to see the potential of wasted spaces. And she is a fantastic and caring friend!

Anubha Prakash - Founder and Principal Designer at Ochre Homes
Ritika Garg - Founder and Principal Designer at Ochre Homes

Ritika Garg

(Owner & Principal Designer)

I am a numbers geek and my training in finance and at B school have shaped me to have a strong sense of spatial organization. My favorite remodelling project so far has been my own house which I renovated four years ago. A covered space of 2,900 square feet meant for young kids, their parents and grandparents was challenging and absolutely gratifying as a designer. I get a kick when I see poorly planned and designed spaces because all I see is the huge potential they hold. Making that vision a reality, total makeovers, is my strong suit. I am a people’s person and love working with my clients who enrich me with their unique personal styles. In my free time, I love spending time outdoors with my husband and little daughters. 


My other interests: I am an avid biker and recently finished a 100km race to help raise funds to support access to quality education. Confession- I might be addicted to interior design magazines and websites; I have caught myself spending hours just browsing through beautiful photos. 

My design aesthetic: Clean and modern spaces accented by vibrant colors

My business partner’s best quality: Whatever Anubha creates beams with peaceful, calming vibes. 

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