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  • Anubha Prakash


Updated: Feb 16

Yes, homes have to be beautiful but let’s first talk practical. Here are our three must-haves for every home today to help make them more comfortable.

Recessed lights - Recessed lights are a necessity for every room of every home. In your next remodel, make space in your budget for adding recessed lights to your bedrooms and shared spaces, it will make a world of a difference. Those cold winter evenings won’t feel as gloomy.

Fans - if you live in places that experience any summer at all, consider adding ceiling fans to bedrooms and common areas. It is a great way to keep your electricity bills in check, reduce dependence on air conditioning, and kick those floor standing fans out of the way.

Natural light - Windows are your best spent money. Not only do they make your home feel cozy and inviting, but they add to your property value as well. Add lots of big, energy efficient windows in your next remodel. If a room cannot have windows, consider skylights or sun tunnels.


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