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Backyard remodel - Sunnyvale

Client review:

"We had been sitting on our pool remodeling project for over few years. It was a 2 step project with the removal of the pool and then replace it with a lawn. We interviewed many companies but Ochre Homes stood out amongst all of them. 


The discussions and designs were followed by a lot of research work, designs ranging from the layout to the smallest of things like what plants to put. They never rushed us into any step of the process. They got in several pool and lawn contractors to get quotes and such and they would always make sure they were present to talk to them. They would then share all the information with us regarding contractors and made sure that the ultimate contractor selection was ours. They could have gone with the first contractor they bought in but they wanted to be thorough and made sure we got best value for our buck. This also applied to all the equipments bought for the lawn eventually (like trees, pavers etc).


Once the contractor was decided, their team had to operate under tight deadlines as we had a baby coming soon. We were very happy with the pool contractor. As anyone can imagine breaking a pool causes a lot of disturbance/shaking to the house. But he made sure the disruption was kept to a minimal considering a few weeks old baby at home. He would regularly checkin and kept the loud pieces for when the baby was further away from the wall facing the pool. He was again very thorough in his job as even the city inspection guy came out super impressed with the work.


Lastly we were quite pleased with our finished lawn as well. I couldn't have imagined that in the same space Ochre Homes beautifully designed a deck area, grass area, kids area set amongst some beautiful vines and fruit trees. With home stuck due to Covid there are so many days when my husband and I thank Ochre Homes for having done this project for us without which we would have been restricted indoors. We are able to do daily picnics with our family outside now. 

5 star to you guys! Thank you again :)"

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